It has been a while since the last update, but here we have some news from the factory.

Past two years have been quite a mess, of course, like to everyone on this planet. Despite the daily news, there has also been something good happening. When covid started to spread in spring 2020, our sales dropped to zero. During the spring and summer, sales to companies was 0€ and total sales not much higher.

Within the summer 2020, domestic travel started to rise and we got new visitors to our area, Southern Ostrobothnia. People around Finland started travelling to places they have never visited, making our sales record in July. In December entrepreneurs found out that we missed the end of the world and they needed something for employees and co-operators. For us it meant fine long days and hard work, but we managed to deliver all orders in time, also in factory store we had everything available.

When the year 2021 started, we already knew something what to expect, but the surprise was that our webstore did not stop like it usually does after Christmas. Summer visitors started to arrive earlier than usual and also companies have been
on time for Christmas orders.

For the summer we got a new store manager, and we also refurbished our office routines. We will not modernisize our production, but in the office we will utilize new technologies as far as we can afford it. We got a new version of our webstore that had been under construction for a long time. It was finally ready for release in February. It made possible, amongst other things, to order to other addresses, door to door deliveries and personal greetings written on the card. This timing was spot on to corona lock down.

During summer 2021 we made record sales for a long period of time, and the same continued through the fall. Now we are fully focused on Christmas, and we have great expectations of it. In August, two of our younger knife makers left back to school, leaving us in a hurry to find new hand crafters. We did not get too many applications, but enough! We only needed the right ones. So this year we have already got three new members to our staff, learning old methods. It is looking really good. We have so many special machines, tools and materials that learning those will take a long time. But it is ok since we have skilled people with open attitudes and of course the best teachers in the world.
Some of our models have been out of stock during this fall, we just can´t make them as fast as they would sell. However, we have some other models available to all needs. We have made a lot of parts for storage, blades, handles, fittings, sheaths etc and we are now getting to put them together. It is quite easy to assemble them together and make details after all parts are first done from the beginning. Actually we are quite happy about the lack of chips and containers, since we don´t need any of them. Handcrafting is not easy and it is expensive, but it also has a lot of good and now it shows.

Our working spirit is phenomenal, everyone works really hard but we work together and we have fun. We are extremely busy but not stressed and we have time to laugh. And it really can not be so serious if everyone doesn't get exactly what they want and when. Of course we try to fulfil all requests, but sometimes it is not possible. On the other hand, some people order a Ferrari and are happy that someday they will get it, despite it might take three years. Our focus is to do everything we do as good as we ever can down to the smallest detail.

We are also happy to announce that we did not get any money or corona help from our government. We have managed with hard work, taken some risks and our customers have rewarded it by buying our handcrafted products. We have not had any lay-offs, all employees work full time and without any support from the society.

We are very grateful to all our customers for the support and appreciation of our work. We are hoping for busy times also in the future.