the single sheath härmä knife

The Härmä Knife is based on the Visapää 1 model, which was designed by Iisakki Järvenpää himself at the end of the 19th century. This Härmä knife model has brass ferrules, red curly birch handle and black or light color sheath. 

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The Härmä Knife is based on the Visapää 1 model, which was designed by Iisakki Järvenpää himself at the end of the 19th century. Back then the Visapää 1 was a very popular knife. Later on the development work continued, the model becoming more and more decorative and eventually reaching the form of the Double Sheath Härmä Knife, the Helahoito set, which today has an immortal reputation. By returning to the roots was formed this Single Sheath Härmä Knife. The knife itself is exactly similar as the bigger knife in the Helahoito set. The difference is in the sheaths: the one of the single sheath model is simple without any decorations. It's made of light coloured vegetable tanned or black cow hide, and the only decoration is so called stave or a metal hoop around the upper part of the sheath, into which is attached the belt loop. Stave is made of the same material as the knife's ferrules, brass. There's a matching traditional costume belt, "Helavyö" available too. The model looks simple and graceful, but it's very difficult to produce. The making of ferrules require numerous phases, like the handle finishing as well. Clear-cut lines are not only beautiful but also merciless for the one shaping the product. The blade is 10 cm polished carbon steel, thus the traditional model serves also as utility knife. For a long time this model has been the knife used by some military detachments. Because of its outstanding properties it requires also some care: after each use the carbon steel blade has to be cleaned, dried, and oiled with some cooking oil, for example. The blade is extremely sharp and it's also easy to sharpen by oneself with a grindstone.

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