Knife. Well, what is it really? There are almost as many answers as there are people answering the question. People have different experiences and feelings with knives, which is no surprise, considering how versatile knives are.

For some it’s a dangerous and sharp weapon, which it can be, in the wrong hands. For others, it's a tool for woodworking. As for hunters, it’s an indispensable gadget, nothing less than an all-purpose tool. Some people see knives as beautiful ornaments or collectables, while for others, it's a combination of all the above.

is also much easier when you can cut the construction materials to the right size.

However, these days a knife is most often a gift. It’s a great gift, because it's not just a knife. It’s a carving knife, fishing knife, decorative horse-headed knife or any of those dozens of knives manufactured and designed for different purposes. You'll always find a personal gift for that special person according to the recipient's hobbies and taste.

Some will probably hear the same stories more often than once, but repetition is the mother of all learning.

Children’s knife is a popular christening gift. Some people may find it a little strange, but they’ll see the point, when the child gets a few years older and, sitting on the doorstep of the woodshed with his grandfather, whittles for the first time with their very own knife. Most of us can't see it without being touched, and the picture stays in our minds for the rest of our lives.

The waves crashing on the beach have the same effect. So does a beautiful knife; you just turn it in your hands and the rest of the world seems to disappear.

Some people get the same feeling when looking at a beautiful painting, fine sculpture or other work of art. Maybe that’s the answer? Hand-made knives are indeed works of art, and cutlers are artists just as painters and sculptors.

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  1. The Poromiehen Leuku, stainless
    160,00 €
  2. The Fish Knife with Wooden Sheath
    79,00 €
  3. The Fillet Knife Eemeli
    74,00 €
  4. The Kolkkapartio
    85,00 €
  5. The Vuolu with finger guard
    80,00 €
  6. The Poromiehen Leuku
    140,00 €
  7. The Aito Knife
    165,00 €
  8. The Juhlavuolu
    130,00 €
  9. The Moose hunt knife
    115,00 €
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Die Dorfbewohner und die Jungs waren begeistert und in Ehrfurcht, als eine riesige Kuriosität im September 1922 die Straße entlang rollte. Alfred Kosolas Pferde mussten ihre ganze Stärke aufbieten beim Ziehen des Schlittens, der mit einem Hammer von 5,000 kg beladen, unterwegs zu der Järvenpää Fabrik war. Die Jungen glaubten in ihrer Fantasie bereits das konstante Hämmern im Werk zu hören. Es war ein riesiger Vorschlaghammer, der aussah, wie ein großes Bügeleisen.

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