Bayonet knife M2021 leather sheath

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After Finland got its independence, all authorities had to be established, as well as their uniforms. Higher leaders had a sword but lower level needed something else. M1919 was created, it was a bayonet style knife but only seremonial piece, it had no attachment points. It was used by the army, police, border guard and firemen. Also National Guard and some special work groups had their own version of it. It was used from 1919 until 1940. Couple of years ago we found 100 years old tools and some parts, from our storage, slightly different from the original. 
In cooperation with Finnish reserve officer school support organisation and museum we created a new version of it, M2021. Reserve officer school has own version with course cross in the sheath. This knife has 4 mm thick carbon steel blade, handle is varnished curly birch. Finger guard and head curved all the way on the back is casted aluminium. It is available with two different sheath options, original sheet metal with leather belt loop and completely leather sheath. Both versions has a same knife.
Note! Delivery time is 2-3 weeks from the order.
Bayonet knife M2021 is also a 100 years Anniversary product for Finnish reserve officer school in three different versions. Each has a reserve officer´s cross in the sheath, leather sheath has it stamped and sheet metal sheath has a beautiful blue emalized cross. Knives have casted aluminum fittings and on the top there is also numbered special edition with silver fittings, having more than 80 g of pure silver and hand engraved decorations.

Total length 28 cm Blade 15 cm
Carbon steel blade is very sharp and easy to keep sharp. On the other hand, it needs some care. Without any attention it will have corrosion damages easily. If the knife is left into a sheath wet, it will get black spots in a day or two, in few days even rust. It will stay in good condition if it is cleaned, dried and oiled after every use so it does not require any skills or tools, just some care. Our knives are always delivered with oil on the blade, in factory we use CRC Sisu maintenance oil but also other corrosion protection oils work. Oils must be removed before any use with food. You can also use normal cooking oils, those will get sticky with the time so it would be good to clean and renew oil in every few weeks. Do not apply any oil to handle or sheath. Carbon steel is easy to sharpen with natural stone, which we have for sale. The more often you sharpen, the easier it is. See also video of sharpening: Sharpening the kitchen and fillet knives with the steel Sharpening the knife with the whetstone
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