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Iisakki Järvenpää called his company as Knife business and hated the word "factory". To him factory as word meant same as losing individual handicrafts and starting faceless mass production. Currently we call our production plant as factory against Iisakki's wishes but we belive he would compose himself after seeing how and what kind of products are crafted there today.

The current factory building was built in year 1958. New factory outlet was finished in 2014 summer and in it's design we have taken note of customers with reduced mobility. Together with the outlet is museum where you can discover the company's long history and the birth of knife crafting on your own time.

The factory milieu has been restored as comfortable tourist attraction and where you can spend time next to riverbed, get known to knives, learn about history and see factory production. It is possible to get known to the factory itself, with pre-order we will organize factory rounds. Working days and hours the tour costs 100€, weekends and evenings 200€. We also have meeting room, which can be rent for example to have meeting and combine it with factory discovery inaddition to coffee serving or dining.

Seeing old production machinery is allready valuable in itself, but seeing them being used is the most worthwhile experience. We belive that not everything should be made in far east, which is why we present our tradition of finnish handicrafts with pleasure.

The villagers and boys were amazed and in awe when a huge oddity rolled down the road in September, 1922. Alfred Kosola’s horses had to tax their strength when drawing a sleigh with an indenting hammer of 5.000 kilograms, along the snowless road to the Järvenpää’s factory. The cubs’ imagination really took over, when they began to hear a constant pounding from the factory. It was like an iron giant’s sledgehammer banging.

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