Personal Data act (523/99) 10 § basis

Register holder

Iisakki Järvenpää Oy
Passinraitti 32
62200 Kauhava
Puh (06) 434 0135
Fax (06) 434 0919
Business ID 0178836-2

Person attending register
Hannu Pennala

Register name
Iisakki Järvenpää Osakeyhtiön asiakasrekisteri

Purpose of handling personal info

Register is only used between Iisakki Järvenpää company and it's customers. Creating an order doesn't require registering to the customer register.

Register's information content
Customer's basic info: Customer ID, surname, forename, post address, postal number, city, phone number, mobile phone number, e-mail, order history and delivery tracking data.

Register will save customer's permit to send marketing messages.

Regular data sources
Contact information will be saved during customer registration. Other information will be saved when customer purchases product(s) on web store.

Regular data source transfer or transfer to EU or outside of Europe
Register holder does not transfer any information to outsiders.

Security of register
Register holder's database and files are secured by normal technical protection methods. Register's access requires personal username and password, which are given only by register holding personell and whose tasks include the access.

The villagers and boys were amazed and in awe when a huge oddity rolled down the road in September, 1922. Alfred Kosola’s horses had to tax their strength when drawing a sleigh with an indenting hammer of 5.000 kilograms, along the snowless road to the Järvenpää’s factory. The cubs’ imagination really took over, when they began to hear a constant pounding from the factory. It was like an iron giant’s sledgehammer banging.

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