Argentum silver knife

Argentum, silver in latinum. Our knife carrying that name has a carbon steel blade, but all other metal parts are made from stamped silver. Model is classic Kauhava knobhead, one of the first models designed and manufactured by Iisakki Järvenpää from 1879 where it has been continuously on production. Todays standard production model is slightly bigger in dimensions than Argentum and fitted with brass fittings. Argentum knife has polished handle made from black galalite, which was long time ago made from milk protein called kasein. Procedure was quite similar than making cottage cheese. This galalite is old stock from 1930-40´s and in our knowledge it has not been produced anywhere in a long period of time. Knife´s lower fitting, knob and sheat lower fitting are also old stock from company´s 100 years anniversary knife, it was similar model but handle was made from birch bark. Number one of those was given to President Urho Kekkonen at 1979. The sheat has new production wide upper fitting made from silver. Carrying chain is completely hand made and even each little part is silver. Model is direct copy from year 1910. Sheat fittings and knife´s lower fitting are decorated with traditional figures, hand engraved by more than 130 years old methods and traditional tools. All parts made at 1979 have manufacturer´s stamp Ve, meaning jewelr at Seinäjoki, since company had no own production stamps at that time. There are also crown inspection stamp and content marking 830, followed by year of manufacture marking B8 meaning 1979. New parts have stamp IJO, production mark for Iisakki Järvenpää Osakeyhtiö and content stamp 925. Attachment ring for carrying chain has stamp KÄSITYÖ, meaning "handcrafted" in Finnish language. Every Argentum knife is delivered with Certificate of Authenticity.
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The villagers and boys were amazed and in awe when a huge oddity rolled down the road in September, 1922. Alfred Kosola’s horses had to tax their strength when drawing a sleigh with an indenting hammer of 5.000 kilograms, along the snowless road to the Järvenpää’s factory. The cubs’ imagination really took over, when they began to hear a constant pounding from the factory. It was like an iron giant’s sledgehammer banging.

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