Larry Thorne knife

Os Lauri Törni Perinnekilta ry logo was handcrafted with saw, file and pliers from silver. Then we made a mold and used it for casting these silver pieces, now used in the sheath of the knives, in the head of Larry Thorne 100 years anniversary knife and series of jewelry. All products are hand made in Kauhava Finland.

180,00 €

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Model of this knife is the traditional Jaeger knife. It has 13 cm (5 inch) long carbon steel blade and varnished curly birch handle. On the head of the knife is nickel silver plate with Guild logo engraved on it. The blade is same than we use in Iso Uppo, which is very popular model for hikers. So despite all decorations, it is really functional tool for trekking.

The knife has protective layer of cooking oil over the blade when delivered, it can be cleaned and if the knife is not used with food it can be protected with CRC, WD40 or similar oil. Note: If the blade is not protected with any oil and left moisture, it will get black corrosion marks or even rust.

This model will be staying in continuous production and for every sold Larry Thorne knife we will forward 10€ to support Os Lauri Törni Perinnekilta ry guild.


Length / pituus 27cm Knife length / puukon mitta 26cm Blade length / terän mitta 13cm
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