Iisakki Järvenpää ja Kauhavan Puukko IN FINNISH

Iisakki Järvenpää ja Kauhavan Puukko, Anja Järvenpää, 1979
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Origins of the Kauhava Knife, spread of its reputation, growth of the personnel fellowship and formation of distribution of work, birth of the cutler's workshops and the knife companies, implementation of electricity, and birth of an actual knife industry, collaborations, etc. belong to the 100 years old history of the Kauhava Knife and knife-making. In her study Anja Järvenpää tries to enlighten the life and work of Iisakki Järvenpää or Pikkuluhta, the formation of knife and sheath making personnel's fellowship in Kauhava, the development of knife and sheath making techniques, and the economic and social phenomenons in the industry over decades in general.
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The villagers and boys were amazed and in awe when a huge oddity rolled down the road in September, 1922. Alfred Kosola’s horses had to tax their strength when drawing a sleigh with an indenting hammer of 5.000 kilograms, along the snowless road to the Järvenpää’s factory. The cubs’ imagination really took over, when they began to hear a constant pounding from the factory. It was like an iron giant’s sledgehammer banging.

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