The Chief

The Chief knife was born a couple of years ago, when we discovered that we have one casted bird head pommel in our museum collection. We don't have any documents why it has been made nor is it ever used in any knife models. What we believe, it has been some experiment but not succeeded into the production. We made a mold of this unique piece and casted it from brass. Original model was sand casted. We did not correct or change any forms of it.

280,00 €

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Size of the bird head is quite big, from our current models it was good for the Kontio knife blade. It has a carbon steel blade made for hard use. The handle is curly birch, painted black. Fittings are brass, lower fitting is pressed and the head is casted. The sheath is made of black vegetable oil tanned cowhide, and the belt is also brass. This knife is big, it has 15 cm blade.

For technical features this knife is made for use. But for what purpose? We really can not tell. The Chief is made for the Chiefs, and we think there is enough reason for that. We made a small series of this knife. We might do some more later, but these you can not see everywhere. And not anyone is the Chief.

Blade 15cm, Knife 27cm, Knife in the sheath 30cm Knife 190g, Knife and sheath 250g
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The villagers and boys were amazed and in awe when a huge oddity rolled down the road in September, 1922. Alfred Kosola’s horses had to tax their strength when drawing a sleigh with an indenting hammer of 5.000 kilograms, along the snowless road to the Järvenpää’s factory. The cubs’ imagination really took over, when they began to hear a constant pounding from the factory. It was like an iron giant’s sledgehammer banging.

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