The Kolmoset, Triplet, knife series and a home-made linen-cotton potholder. Potato knife, saw- edged tomato knife and a longer flexible bladed root vegetable knife are handy in every kitchen!

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Simple and easy kitchen package! The Kolmoset, ”Triplet”, knife series contains three different curly birch knives: potato knife, saw-edged tomato knife and a longer flexible bladed root vegetable knife that is also called the mini filet. These three knives are all you need in the kitchen and that’s why the package is a great present for a beginner chef or for more of a seasoned cook.

There is a black or brown patterned potholder to pick for the package. The potholder is made of linen and cotton, sturdy and good-sized. It is made by Jokipiin Pellava Oy from Jalasjärvi.

Potato and tomato knives are 19cm long with 8cm blade. The minifilee is 21cm long with 11cm blade. All blades are 0,8mm thick. The pot holder is 20 x 20 cm.
Knife handles are laqoured and the blade is stainless steel. No machine wash. The pot holder 50% LI, 50% CO, 60° wash
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