Plywood box black

All our products are delivered in black cardboard boxes, which does not need any additional gift wrapping. However, if you are looking for more stylish box or maybe storage for collector knife, we have also Wooden box available.

Box is made of Finnish plywood, it has hinges and locking mechanism. On the cover it has Iisakki Järvenpää´s signature, cutted with fret saw. These boxes are handcrafted for us by Jaana Kallinen in Oulu, Finland. It is available as varnished or stained black treatment. Measures are 40x10x8cm, it is suitable for traditional knife with belt and even for Double Leuku. For short blade hunter knives it is quite big, for those we recommend our sheet metal boxes.

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867,47 kr
External dimensions ; length 38 cm, width 9, 5cm, hight 6 cm Internal dimensions; length 35,5 cm, width 7 cm, hight 5 cm
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