The Tramp

The Tramp is a real King of the road.
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The Tramp is a real King of the road, who does not apologize it´s existence. This impressive dark edition, called The Tramp is put together from black carbon steel blade, casted fittings made from bronze, curly birch handle which is first treated black and then with linseed oil. The handle is finalized with orange stripes. The sheat is made from thick vegetable tanned bull skin leather, black of course. Like the first King of the road ever, Ford Model T was available in every color as long as it is black, The Tramp is also available in black. This Tramp tells his story, no words required.
Measure and weight /mitat ja paino 
/mått och vista /messen und wiegen /medida y peso Knife in the sheath /puukko tupessa /kniv i slida /Messer in der Scheide /cuchillo en le vaina: 24cm/164gr Knife /puukko /kniv /messer /cuchillo: 19,5cm/120gr Blade / terä /blad /klinge /vaina
length / pituus /längd /länge /longitud: 8,5cm thickness / paksuus /tjocklek /stärke /espesor: 3,2mm
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