Cocktailset is a combination of cocktailknife and -pestle. All wood in the entire set is old oak from whisky barrel planks provided by Kyrö Distillery Company. Cocktailknife is based on traditional Hookhead whittle knife but with different blade. The blade is 2 mm thick stainless steel and able to handle citrus acids well. The pestle is designed simple and slender, but also to fit professional use. Oak is contaminated by noble liquids for years as a barrel so it is not treated by us at all. However, they can not take machine wash, hand wash only! Tools are attached to piece of plank from the barrel and both have own positions made. All can be wrapped together by strap of sheath leather. Manufacturer´s name is etched to the blade of the knife and also burned in the bottom of the base. These products are carefully tested by professional bartenders so it suits for professional use as well as home bars.
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