Whetstone for sharpening "puukkos", scissors etc. Wästilä Whetstone is made by Wastikivi Oy in Finland. Wet your stone with water and grind parallel to the angle of the knife edge and you will see how cleverly nature has built this sharpening stone.
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Sharpening a knife or "puukko". 1. Moisten the stone with water. 2. Hold the knife at angle of 20 degrees (or the angle of the edge to be sharpened) so that the knife lies on the stone. Grind the edge with a circular motion so that some burr is created to the end of the edge. Repeat for other side of the knife edge. The mud emerging on op of the stone helps the process, so do not rinse it away. 3. In the end the burr is neutralised with a few strong strokes on both sides with a slightly sharper angle than when sharpening (as if cutting thin shave from the stone). When sharpening scissors remember to grind with parallel strokes and only to grind the cutting edge (do not touch the flat side). You can sharpen a cheese slicer with the sharp end of the stone. With the narrow end of the stone you can reach other awkward places. You can use the stone as a nail file or to sharpen hooks, various chisels, scythes and sickles.
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