Kauhava steak knife set 4 pc

Beef knife set is a gift to be used. The knife with birch bark handle is pleasant to hold and the very sharp stainless steel blade cuts the meat nicely. The steak knife -set includes four knives in the plywood box. The length of the knife is 20cm, blade 10cm. The case is 33 x 16 x 6 cm. Blade engravings are included in the price.

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Kauhava Steak knives
The Kauhava Horsehead is one of our oldest knife models, it came into production in 1882.
So it is also selected for the high end version of our steak knife sets. These knives have stainless blades and brass fittings. The horsehead is casted brass. The handle is put together from 50 pieces of birch bark and it is varnished. This set has a plywood box, made from Finnish birch and it has Iisakki Järvenpää´s signature cut on the lid and green felt below the knives. 
This set is available in two versions, with four or six knives. It has a removable holder and it can be updated. So you can buy a set with four knives and later buy two more knives and a holder for six knives which are available as a set.
You can choose engraving to the blades. The engraving is included in the price. 
Note: These knives must be carefully hand washed only.
We also have two different sets of Steak knives, Puukkovakka and Black knives in black plywood box. All have different styles and also price range.
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