The Vuolu

This model, called the Hookhead, came into production in 1921 and it has been ever since the base for allround knives. There have been several versions of it during the century, for example partly birch bark handle with curly birch pommel. That was also the war time model, which had a lower fitting made of zinc buckets and cardboard sheath. After the wars, fitting was returned to brass and the sheath model remained the same but it was made from leather again. Few years ago the sheath model was returned back to its original, traditional model like it had 100 years ago. If you are looking for practical, but also beautiful allround knife for all kinds of work, Vuolu is a good choice.

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The whittle knife Vuolu is a basic knife for hard work. The blade is made of polished carbon steel, which is very durable and easy to sharpen. The handle is oiled curly birch tree. The Vuolu knife requires some care: oiling and sharpening every now and then. As a result one gets a loyal team mate that one doesn't neither have to nor want to throw away after the job is done. The total size 26cm; knife 21,5cm; blade 10cm.

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